Welcome and thanks for visiting my website.  Let me show you what you can anticipate when selecting DJ John Piazza for lighting, music and video coverage for you next event.

Mixing And Connecting With Your Guests – Making Your Event Memorable

When providing coverage at weddings, corporate events and private parties I describe myself as a club style disc jockey.  I love to mix live to create the most traction on the dance floor. In other words I mix songs live into a seamless mix to build energy and crowd response.  Never rehearsed always live based on what is working that night.

Personalizing Events – Meeting Your Tastes And Expectations

Usually no later than a month or so prior to an event I request a short playlist of must play songs and a short list of do not plays for the dance set. This is helpful for any mobile DJ because it provides insight and a road map to where a DJ can and can’t navigate musically for a clients dance set.

Back ground music and creating atmosphere is a nice touch and is something I provide for cocktail and dinner time.  Customizing background music for clients typically consists of requesting a few artists and genres for either dinner or cocktail hour.  These playlists can be tailored to any length of time and are prepared on a playback device without mixing. Background music is meant to provide a light auditory backdrop to an event and it’s purpose is to keep people socializing and having a good time.

Services Offered – Equipped For Success

To assist with seamless coverage for your event, I combine high quality wireless microphones, top of line speakers, intelligent lighting and tried and true mixing equipment to offer a premium DJ company experience. If it’s an intimate 50 person event or a 300 person guest count I’m happy to help make your event look and sound great with the right equipment.

An important service I provide is wedding ceremony coverage. This consists of 2-3 quality Shure SLX microphones and a 1,000 watt TurboSound ip2000 speaker system. This system provides very reliable wireless quality while delivering powerful sound that is non intrusive visually. Your officiant will sound great and if its wedding bells or the bridal march song, the sound will impress.

Speaker quality can’t be overstated when providing music/sound coverage. QSC & TurboSound speakers are at the very top of list for speaker quality in the music and sound industry. The TurboSound speaker system has proven to be a highly desirable system for ceremony’s and small room engagements. Both QSC and TurboSound tout a build and sound quality that is highly regarded by even the most critical music industry veterans. Aside from large concert and arena technology that use massive line array systems, I would be hard-pressed to find anything better than QSC and TurboSound speaker systems for any mobile DJ company.

Providing attention to detail and finishing touches to a room is everything when making your event look spectacular. If you’re looking to accent a room to match linens or have a great location but the space needs something extra I would suggest up lighting. I provide 20 wireless up light units that are fully controllable to match any color you need.

If you have a special slide show or movie presentation for your guests be sure to inquire about screen and projector service for your upcoming event. Recently I have added powerful HD projectors and projector screens to my equipment list and would be happy to provide video presentation support paired with my sound system. Combining pro sound and HD video support is something your guests are sure to appreciate!

Experience, Quality, Service – Event Planning For Success

I understand there are many DJ companies to choose from in the San Francisco Bay Area but want to thank you for taking time to visit my site and consider my company.  Please feel welcome to email me at iamdjjohnpiazza@gmail.com for a fair and competitive quote. I’d love to learn more about your event and discuss how to make it an event your friends and family will never forget.

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  1. Oh I like your website! It’s something that draws you in and shares exactly what you do. I REALLY enjoyed the Facebook posts at the bottom of the page. I looked at it on my smartphone while at work on break. It works nicely with mobile! I think you picked a great theme. It goes nicely with what you’re talking about. I liked your sharing of mixing your music. Is it something you would consider (or have you already done so) putting up tutorials on how you mix your music and what programs you use for it?
    Well done!

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